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Ekornes Debuts New Stressless® Comfort Technology

Consumers can now enjoy Stressless seating equipped with the new BalanceAdapt™ system, which gives sofas and recliners a slight back-and-forth motion that simulates rocking.

“We are happy to introduce BalanceAdapt™ to consumers because it brings two completely new elements to select Stressless seating,” said Hui Shi Ong, brand manager. “The first is the patented comfort technology, which enhances the comfort of Stressless recliners and sofas. The second is the new one-stem Signature Base bringing a streamlined look and feel to recliners.”

The BalanceAdapt™ system automatically adapts to body movements allowing the sitting angle on the seat to adjust even further than classic Stressless recliners and sofas. This addition creates a soft rocking motion for enhanced well-being. Sofas with BalanceAdapt feature independently mobile seats, allowing multiple users to relax as they prefer.

“BalanceAdapt is unique because it gives you a sense of buoyancy while you are reclining and almost feels as if you are floating,” said Ong. “Since it responds to your body, if you don’t want to rock you don’t have to and the recliner or sofa will hold you stable.”

This new technology was introduced with Stressless Skyline, a recliner featuring a Signature Base combining chrome with wood accents, and Stressless View. Due to the popularity of these models, most Stressless recliners can now be purchased with the Signature base featuring the BalanceAdapt™ system.

Stressless recliners and sofas with BalanceAdapt™ are engineered for durability. The mechanism has been professionally tested for resiliency and the seating is designed to withstand 25 years of use.

New products are now available in stores. To learn more, visit the nearest Stressless dealer or www.stressless.sg.